Transformative Activism

“Lawrence’s commitment to issues of justice is so strong that he engaged in civil disobedience to support low-wage urban workers who were facing serious injustices. I have no doubt that he would have engaged in similar actions to support farm workers, had such actions been required. Lawrence’s contributions to A Just Harvest — and to helping to transform the suffering of farm workers — were outstanding.”
– Dolores Huerta, Legendary Human Rights Activist and Cofounder, with César Chávez, of United Farm Workers (UFW)


Select transformative-activism highlights include:

  • A Just Harvest An interfaith organization supporting campaigns for dignity, respect, and basic human rights for farm workers. Lawrence directed his movement-building leadership to raise awareness about the plight facing farm workers and their families; encouraging dialogue and reconciliation between growers and farmworker advocates; and mobilizing faith communities to support justice for farm workers.
  • Healthy Native Communities Partnership leaders chose Lawrence to contribute his expertise and leadership for an innovative program that revived millennia-old Dineh/Navajo practices as the core of a community wellness program to train Native facilitators to work with communities throughout Dineh/Navajo Nation.
  • The Summer of Peace Under Lawrence’s leadership, the organization established its initial frameworks and pilot projects, providing a platform for it to become part of a seasonal series of events hosted by The Shift Network, including Winter of Wellness and Spring of Sustainability.