Conferences and Symposia

Indigenous Wisdom and Modern Science Global Tele-Summit


The Indigenous Wisdom & Modern Science (IWMS) global tele-summit, brought together Indigenous wisdom-keepers and modern scientists for an inspired dialogue exploring what it means to be interconnected, and its practical implications for sustainability. The IWMS tele-summit was part of the 2012 Spring of Sustainability.

Power to the Planet Fundraiser


Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)14th International Conference

IONS invited Lawrence to play three roles at the 14th International Conference:

  1. To serve as co-emcee of the overall conference, together with Lynne Twist, author and co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance.
  2. To present a pre-conference intensive;
  3. To design the process of the event.

Lawrence’s pre-conference intensive, The Hidden Science: Healing Our Planet, explored the concept of “radical interconnectedness” from the perspectives of contemporary complexity sciences and ancient wisdom traditions.

As the process designer for the conference, Lawrence orchestrated the sequencing and flow of content for all presenters, and coordinated topical themes and transitions for the presenters, ensuring a well-synthesized and successful event.

The Shift Network

Lawrence was a featured visionary-expert for The Shift Network’s global Ultimate Men’s Summit, which featured over 75 prominent experts, authors, teachers, and visionaries.

Lawrence also hosted a panel dialogue that included Anguksuar (Richard La Fortune); Yacine Kouyate, Ph.D., and Wesley Thomas, Ph.D., to share perspectives on Gender, Sexuality, Transformation & Sacredness from the ‘Changing Ones’ of Indigenous Societies.