Full Spectrum Sustainability

The challenges that we face are so complex, and their consequences so monumental, that they require engaging human ingenuity across a full spectrum of approaches – versus less integrated approaches more common in recent history.

A more interwoven approach combines both modern science to deliver technological breakthroughs, and the best of ancient wisdom traditions stemming from millenia of sustainable living. Full-Spectrum Sustainability also incorporates the participation from a range of fields and sectors — personal, business, science, education, community, government, religion, and spirituality; for-profit and nonprofit; personal and professional — working together across boundaries, and across generations, to catalyze awakening, mobilization, transformation, and shifts towards more sustainable ways of thinking, acting, and being for people across the planet.

In particular, we advocate for a fourfold approach that encompasses top-down, bottom-up, inside-out and outside-in strategies:

  • Top-Down approaches leverage legislative, judicial and other mandated forms of change;
  • Bottom-Up approaches focus on grassroots, community-based change;
  • Inside-Out approaches cultivate practices for “inner” transformations for healing, visioning, bridge-building within and between communities, etc.;
  • Outside-In approaches leverage social media and web technologies to broadcast and amplify messages, and to build connections and enduring networks.

The Full-Spectrum Sustainability approach leverages this full range of perspectives and approaches, in support of a shift to a life-honoring culture.

Here is a selection of Full-Spectrum Sustainability Projects and Programs:

Client Consulting Case Studies

Have a look at specific sustainability applications and efforts in these consulting project case studies for the global engineering and construction firm, CH2M Hill; a National Anti-Pollution Initiative; the Healthy Native Communities Partnership; and the global Indigenous Wisdom & Modern Science tele-summit. Learn more about our featured Sustainability Client Case Studies.

Planetary, the Documentary Film

Lawrence Ellis serves as a consulting producer, casting consultant, and featured expert for the feature-length documentary film, Planetary. He is also a senior advisor to the company behind the film. Planetary is scheduled for release in late 2015. It is the sequel to the award-winning short documentary film, Overview, starring five astronauts who describe the life-altering impact of seeing the Earth from space. Learn more about Planetary and Lawrence Ellis’s role.

Indigenous Wisdom & Modern Science Collaborations

As part of his consulting and thought-leadership activities to help bridge Indigenous Wisdom and Modern Science, Lawrence served as the executive producer, emcee, and panel moderator for the Indigenous Wisdom & Modern Science (IWMS) Summit. The IWMS program was part of the 2012 Spring of Sustainability global tele-summit, and featured inspired dialogues between prominent Indigenous leaders and internationally recognized scientists. Learn more about this emerging sustainability discipline and related case studies.